Saturday, November 30, 2013

China's Changing; policies, future wars, and tensions with the US

2 weeks ago Chinese officials met in Beijing at a summit (called the Third Plenum) where they decided on future plans for the country.

Here's a link to the outcomes of the summit...

Notably the one child policy is loosening up a bit--of my students of 55 students only about 5 of them have another sibling.

Here's a quick summary:

America loves to get involved with other countries' issues

Another lovely thing in the news...most of you probably aren't aware of the islands that both China and Japan claim as theirs; the Daioyu Islands (halfway between Japan and Taiwan)

China put a "no fly zone" over the islands on Saturday and I guess on Tuesday the US flew through the no fly zone just to prove they would not follow the no fly zone. 

Many of my students in the past have asked me what I think about the island tensions. According to a treaty following WWII, America must defend Japan if anything happens to the island.

Biden will be in China next week to discuss this issue so we will see how it plays out 

this article provides more detail:

South Korea, Taiwan, and Tibet all have border disputes with China as well--when I was looking through my students Modern World history books (made in America), Taiwan was colored a different color than China (meaning that it was a separate country than China) in every single book on any world map, Taiwan was blacked out with a sharpie marker. 

I found this article very interesting about China's future wars (someone trying to predict the future) 

It predicts that a war between Japan and China would not play out until 2040--I would argue that it would happen a lot sooner than that. 

I think many Americans are not educated at all about China and what is going on in China. 

I think China's quick development and the way that the Government works to effectively manage 3 billion people is pretty fascinating. 

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  1. Very interesting post : ) We know so little about Chine here in the USA- and the rest of the world for that matter! I look forward to hearing about Biden's visit to China!