Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pictures around Jinan

A creepy street market

I wonder if this person knows what these stickers mean--this was on the back of a black Range Rover

The gym I work out at occasionally. It actually has some nice machines but the pictures near the entrance crack me up

Sexy in maybe the 90's?

The locker room

A new chinese dice drinking game

Around Jinan!

The Culture Market

Lots of cool interesting junk

The trees on the streets in this area were all in a beautiful porcelain vase

My favorite street food--sweet potatoes! 

The Jinan Stadium

Shandong Electric Power Central Hospital--wonder what this is for?

A picture of the main square at sunset. Theres a fountain on the other side that is absolutely gorgeous and comes on at 8pm I will work on getting a picture up

The little bunny I got--he was being sold in a really small cage and was shaking from being so cold--so I had to buy him. I think he was sick when I got him,  he only made it a few days :( 

Low point in Jinan

Out of the few western shops that are in China--Ed Hardy? haha 

The CUTEST dogs at the night market! I would be devastated if I got a dog and it did not live--going to hold off until I'm back in America to get a puppy

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