Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday to Halloween

Hi! I apologize it has been FOREVER. Not much has happened--

Last week was my birthday--thanks to everyone for the Skype calls and birthday wishes! I had a busy day but my kids made it special and I received a HUGE package from shelly and ray :D full of american treats (I never knew id be so happy to see pretzels, taco seasoning, and powdered sugar!) magazines, a BULLS T-shirt, a FOOTBALL, and many other American sprinkles of happiness. Another bday gift a few days later from one of my favorite people in Shenzhen and a few birthday cards made my uneventful day full of love. One of my friends pointed out that i didn't step foot in the United States while I was 24--wierd! Heres to 25 !

(No offense mom--but we need to figure out why on earth we still get a subscription to Seventeen and stop that STAT) 

i got really sick over last weekend--the kind of sick where i couldn't get out of bed and wished I lived with someone who could take care of me! (mom, friends, boyfriend where you at? ;) 

Anyways I lived and made it through the week--I gave my first test last Monday and afterwards one of my students told me that it was "fun" which made me smile.

Thursday was Halloween--I had the kids do speeches in class and they were so restless for the Halloween party they couldn't sit still. So many cute costumes! It's a little funny to see all these kids interacting with one another in a big room. Since they wear uniforms everyday it was fun to see them dressed up and see a bit of their personalities--

Class picture

Two of my students tried to trick me

A coworker--the best costume in my opinion!

This girl stayed in character the entire party---so creepy

Some of my students 

Happy Halloween!

In the beginning of class I taught them the meaning of "trick-or-treat" by showing a video in class of a car commercial where at the end a zombie comes across the screen intending to scare the audience (you have to know what I'm talking about--if not youtube scary car commercial) i told them to watch closely--it was HILARIOUS. Then of course I treated them to some candy. 

Some other pictures from the week...

The kids had a concert one day last week--the day of the concert I found out the kids would be late to class a few minutes before class and then i found out my other class was cancelled because it was during the concert--haha got to love china. 

The English teacher had the kids put on plays--they got really into it and spent a long time preparing--this one is a Friends episode

And this one was Cinderella--too funny

Some pictures of Halloween around Jinan...

I actually had a pretty eventful, interesting weekend. Ill post pictures hopefully sometime this week! Fabulous weekend for Ohio State--If only Florida lost! 

I need to figure out my time difference now with daylight savings time (China doesn't move their clocks) so i can keep up with my sports games--It's kind of nice that basketball games play around 9 AM here so i can watch them in the office while I'm planning my lessons. Not sure how I think the Bulls are looking this year--i guess time will tell! 

Big game Tuesday morning--Bears Packers! eek! 


  1. Glad you had a fun birthday! What did the kids think of the Halloween treats? Glad you got the box by your b-day! We are all coughing n sniffling w/ fall allergies here - leaves are changing colors too.

  2. The weather is a lot colder here but there aren't really too many leaves on the ground...hmmm! Stay healthy take care!

  3. Great post Katie - love your cat costume. I didn't think anybody in China got into Halloween - neat to see!! Time change happened last night - now we are 12 hours behind - 9pm is 9am there.

    GO BEARS!!