Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Brownies :/

Any guesses what this is? It was in the meat section...I stared at it so long the lady at the supermarket was putting some in a bag for me. It was called "Pig Jelly" Yummmmm

Well today I decided it was time to buy an oven. On Thursday/Friday I told my students we could have a Thanksgiving Party and there are so many things I need it for--plus what girl doesn't love cooking?

I decided to test it out tonight before I use it the next few days to bake food for my students.

My mom sent me some cookies/brownie mixes from home so I whipped up some brownies (a little difficult without western measuring cups), I preheated my oven (the oven only went up to 250 and I had to preheat it to 325 degrees--which made me a little disappointed because I bought the nicest, most expensive oven)

After about 10 minutes it smelled like something was burning and there was smoke EVERYWHERE. How can that be possible? The brownies are supposed to bake for 40 minutes and the temperature wasn't even high enough. 

Oops. I forgot to make the conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Black brownies anyone ;)

I also discovered there is no way my apartment has a fire alarm.

In other news I decorated my house tonight...either Jinan is not very festive or the Christmas decorations are still to come...but i got excited when I saw some gingerbread houses while out shopping

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