Friday, August 29, 2014

The squatter

As a person who is accustomed to Western toilets and who only squats when camping in the woods...there is nothing worse than walking into a restroom and finding this. Talk about a leg workout. And if you're wearing pants---yikes. 

However...I guess when you think about it, it really is more "primal" and sanitary (as long as the floor area is cleaned...if not be careful where you step) to simply squat. Chinese people find Western public toilets disgusting, sometimes opting to get up and step on them in squat position. 

As a result of the squatter toilet and nature of the Chinese people, it is not uncommon to see this:
Potty training at its finest. 
If you gotta go, just pull over and squat somewhere. 
If you're too young to know better or if you're inside, have your mom or dad hold you over the garbage. You name it, i've probably seen it. 

Oh yeah, another lovely thing about public is rare and in my mind represents a high class public place if the restroom provides toilet paper. 
(Upscale mall--definitely has toilet paper, Mcdonalds...definitely not)
This is because since there are SO many people. And sometimes people who are living below the "minimum wage" (which does not exist here, BTW) tend to go and take way more TP than needed. 
Result: provide your own. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to China...I MISS YOU!

Hello blog friends! I decided since many people do not know much about "the land of China" I am going to try and do one-two picture(s) a day to show what's really going on in this place. (Note...this blog cannot be accessed in China without a VPN--virtual privacy network--as many social media websites or western news sites are blocked by the Chinese government)

This is a picture and short video clip of the Beijing subway. The subway costs about 2 RMB per ride (30 cents) so it is very affordable and there are over 10 different lines in Beijing so its really convenient. I like it because I can avoid not being able to communicate with a taxi driver ;)

This IS during evening rush hour...but still...the number of people here is crazy. Survival of the fittest. This is one of the reasons why you rarely hear "excuse me" "sorry" "please" "thank you". People are just trying to get from point A to point B.

Also to note...check out the racial homogeneity. 
(I was very shocked by just how diverse America real is when I was at home)

Wow, after spending time with family and friends returning to China is definitely harder than I expected to be. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fun/important things going on in their lives and also I feel like I cannot be there for them. With that said coming back was not an easy decision, but financially and career-wise I believe it is the best option I have. I am going to make more of an effort to keep in touch so friends and family--please reach out! It means the world to me to know what is going on in your lives!

I have finally gotten moved in and organized...until school starts on Saturday I am working on lesson planning and letters of recommendation. I'm hoping my last year here will allow me more time to travel and see some more places in Asia before I head back to the US for good.

We have 3 new teachers from the US here this year which makes it a little more exciting to meet new people. The new physics teacher is much younger...woot...we will see about the other two! However...we should have 4 new teachers which gives me an eerie feeling that I may be teaching AP Human Geography again this year--great for my resume but I feel a little put back that the company wouldn't have the decency to tell me in advanced so I could spend more time reading and preparing this summer.

I also found out today that the new Senior 1 class (Sophomores in the American education system) have 82 kids--in 2 classrooms! There is NO way 41 kids can even fit into a classroom. I'm hoping administration decides to split it into 3 classrooms but we wont find out until Saturday.

So...SURPRISE! A great way to be welcomed back. Keeping a positive attitude until I get the whole scoop on Saturday.

Anyways back to work...friends and family I would love if you contacted me and kept in touch! You can imessage me if you have an iphone, email me ( or download a free app called wechat and add me to text or share videos! (Private message me for phone/wechat info)

XOXO love you all!


I read this article yesterday and it SHOCKED me:

This girl who escaped from North Korea explains why Titanic is the most influential movie she watched in showing her something was wrong with North Korea. The reason--love!