Wednesday, July 2, 2014


For those of you who do not know much about China, many websites are filtered and blocked. In order to view certain websites like Facebook, Twitter, this blog, my Chase banking account, I need a VPN or Virtual Privacy Network which connects somewhere in America. My VPN expires today (but in American time) so this will be by last post until I fly out of Beijing next Wednesday.

Today was my last day of classes (ahh i'm going to miss the kids!) I did funny awards with them--there were a handful in one class that i could have just given "quietest. I decided to stay up last night and watch the US world cup game which aired at 4 AM here so I was EXHAUSTED.

Here are some experiences over the past week or so...typical Chinese stuff and KTV with friends/coworkers :D

The Transformers decor outside of the mall--theres so many people around taking pictures--that is one thing I will not miss, no matter where you are there are SO many people. 

You know the shirt on the left (about $2) was a mistake and sent to China (maybe it was viewed as offensive?) and the one on the right--straight up TERRIBLE Chinglish 
"Don't ever take sides against the family evisu the best of the better clothing"

Not even going to mention how much I miss pre-cut carrots...or just clean carrots in general. (this is at the supermarket--generally they are clean) at least i know they are fresh...? 

I finished the last of my natural PB sent from home...not sure how ill make it the next week!

There are so many groceries that I cannot WAIT to get when I get home. Poor dad will have to run a few little errands with me :D 

Last weekend some friends and people I work with went to KTV--KTV is Karaoke but you are with your friends in a private room and can order food/drinks and select all of your songs. They have a pretty good English song selection

If they have this in Chicago this would be so much fun with people from home!

Wouldn't be KTV without Felix getting on a table

White Michael + Black Michael 

They have those instrument things that seem really childish--but really it turns into a lot more fun haha

Selecting songs

If you are ever in to do KTV! 

Next With so many malls/supermarkets i do quite a bit of shopping/browsing here. 

They often have models advertising something

So with summer here I was searching for some cute wedges or summery heels. FAIL. I may be out of touch with fashion but the shoes here are either way too tacky or they are bedazzled and look like i'm going to the prom (they're also not that great of quality for the price) 

I vaguely remember having the same shoes when I wanted to be just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I was 6. 

The bedazzled look. Both have diamonds or glitter all over the place. Is this in style in America? I think its nice for special occasions (wedding/prom) but a little over the top with a summer outfit/dress (or at work) 

In the picture on the right you can see that the clasp is fake--there is a little hook that is used to hook onto the clasp. I dont understand why they would do that? It makes the shoe feel cheap and doesn't fit entirely right. 

The bow--many shoes have a bow or are adorned with little gems

The platform is very popular as well--many Chinese women are short. 

Over the weekend I also checked out a pretty scenic spot in the area--Daming Lake 

Right near the lake is a large food street. With the streets so narrow and the street food you can imagine how crazy it smells. There is also a popular street food called "stinky tofu" because it literally smells like shit. Its very powerful 

Hanging on the bball court with some cute kiddies! Notice in the background Jinan's tallest building (currently under construction) they have started lighting the tip up in purple. (haha)

Only a few more days of school left--proctoring finals Thursday, Friday and Monday...finishing up lose ends on Tuesday and leaving for Beijing Tuesday afternoon! (Got to get my hair done before I fly out Wednesday evening!) 

 It has been TWO YEARS since I have been home. I cannot wait to do so many things and see all of my friends and family! Still, I am considering and almost confident I will come back for one more school year...! Crazy. It's a hard feeling to explain; I miss a lot of things about America but I feel like I have a job that offers me more opportunities and a chance to save a lot more money than in America. I also feel like i would regret leaving China because there are still a lot of places I'd like to see and things that I'd like to do. Ahhh so conflicted! I wish I had a husband to make these decisions for me ;)

Happy 4th everyone!! If you will be around this summer PM me so we can make plans and catch up! XOXO