Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi hi hi!

Since my previous blog has mysteriously been suspended after I posted about my experience with the Chinese police, I have started a new one!

I have put in complaints to the website i was using before so hopefully i can regain access to my old blog--it was sort of like my journal...thinking all of my previous posts are lost is really sad.

Anyways since my police experience things are going better--my passport is ready for pick up so I will go to Guangzhou to the US Embassy to get that on Monday. This upcoming week due to the Dragon Boat festival we have Monday//Tuesday off per usual then Friday and Saturday off as well so I am looking into planning a little trip. Monday will be Guangzhou and Tuesday will be Macau (a self-governed island of China much like Hong Kong. It brings in more income from casinos than Vegas!)

Since all of my things were taken I have gotten a new crappy chinese phone that allows me to get onto wechat and instagram--the necessities! and have managed to re-suspend my bank account since i cannot cancel it or get a new card until i have a physical passport. Since i have no access to my bank account, I received my pay for May in cash today...kinda crazy that they don't write checks here and that i have so much money to be responsible for until i can put it in the bank!

Tomorrow is HELL for me. I did get a new class that is older students--we are talking about gap years, which is very common among European graduates. I'm not so sure about American graduates--i feel like after college the pressure is on to figure out whats next, either graduate school or some kind of job due to the economy and the increase in students taking out loans. Nontheless, i definitely can't relate to students about a gap year--i took a gap two weeks between graduating college and starting grad school.

Im still figuring out how to use this blog site so hopefully ill get things up and running and have a more comprehensive post next time :)

Love and miss you all!