Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's that time of the year!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! So you can imagine my instant excitement when i passed starbucks on Monday to cups and seasonal drinks! They don't have my favorite eggnog latte but they do have cranberry mocha, toffee nut, and gingerbread. And Christmas music is playing

Naturally i had to treat myself to my first red cup. 

I know its a little early and it kind of takes away from the Thanksgiving holiday but I LOVE IT. 

I told one of my coworkers about it when I got back to the office--he laughed at me and was a little shocked that i was so happy and amused by such a small thing--found the Scrooge of the office (he also does not like the word "team building"--definitely Scrooge) 

Next up--finding a Christmas tree and decorating my house :) 

My week...

Tomorrow starts midterms--I already gave my students a test over the whole course last week so they do not have an American Studies midterm so today I played "American Culture Olympics" with them with some review questions and some pop culture questions. To finish it off we went outside (its been gorgeous out this week) and played knock out and the human knot game--A good break for the kids i think. Now I have a week to grade papers, figure out what I'm teaching next, and get in final grades. 

I also volunteered to proctor 2 tests next week not realizing they are 1.5 hours long of sitting still. 

Yesterday I went to do my dishes--and the water was BRIGHT blue. it still has a blue tint to it but its much more subtle--my coworker who knows everything said it must be copper sulfate

I also received a little letter from my mom's friend who sends cards around the world! 

These little guys are at the night market for $15. I have walked passed everyday and come so close to buying one. Luckily the older, big, ugly ones are right next to the bunnies so i can remember it won't stay cute for long--ahhh i want to get a dog so bad :(

Last Saturday I found this TINY Ikea--it turned out to be a little warehouse with a bit of Ikea goods. I got a bunch of shit i don't really need but i thnk it was just comforting to get something familiar. 

Also last Saturday I went on a date with this Chinese guy (if you want more details ask me). I'll see him again tomorrow but Im already very annoyed with him--he texts me about 20 times a day and if i don't answer he'll send a message to QQ and if two forms of social media isn't enough he'll send a message to my Wechat. (Seriously?!) I like to have a little space--YOUR ANNOYING ME

We'll see how tomorrow goes

Sunday I spent time with the Chinese families--we went to the museum to see the 10th Annual Arts Festival and then ate a huge meal, watched basketball, drank tea (obvi), and played with their dog. 

It almost feels like a holiday since we all sit around the table and so much food is prepared--they don't let me help with anything. 

The specialty dishes were all sea food--i felt bad because i hate sea food. 

They lived in a beautiful garden

Their puppy!

The Shandong Museum 

This was candied taro (chinese yam) on a stick

Da Vinci



I thought this painting was neat

The End. Relaxing this weekend--theres a big soccer game on tv saturday night and then next weekend I'm off to beijing! 

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  1. Loving when you post pictures : ) Yikes- you do not drink tap water, right? That blue water is a little scary! Holy Moley- that is alot of food! Sounds like a fab day! I want to hear about your date and about your trip to Beijing!
    Wo ai ni!!!