Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Apartment & Weekend Shopping :)

As promised here are some pictures of my apartment, a little more decorated and homey


Family room

Extra room/closet/storage

My bedroom

My next house is going to have a huge bathroom. with a mirror. my least favorite part of the house (at least its easy to clean?)

My weekend was a little more eventful than usual. I had dinner with a guy Friday pretty sure my chances of finding a boyfriend in Jinan are hopeless. 

Then I went out with some coworkers to a bar--I forgot how much I love dressing up and practicing my chinese on sloppy intoxicated chinese guys ;) 

Saturday I decided to find this huge market that one of my coworkers took me to to get Halloween stuff. I didn't know what buses went there, and didn't know what it was called to tell a taxi so I walked in the general direction it was in. 

I'm too scared to look at the harmful effects of staying outside in the pollution all day, but i got a little lost getting there and was walking through the haze for a few not sure if it was just mental or really effecting me but i had the worst headache and just felt really gross. (I may have to invest in a mask !)

But I got to see some new parts of Jinan

Gorgeous christmas decorated window

and finally i made it to the market! 

I found lots of Christmas decorations and got some nail polish. (Today I went on a mission to find nail polish remover--turns our nail polish remover is more expensive ($15) than just getting my nails done)

Still doesn't compare to Dongmen :( but I love looking through all the random junk 

Some more pictures around Jinan... 

Meh Sunday night could be my least favorite time of the week. Especially when the Buckeyes lose
Have a good week! :) 

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  1. Loving the pics of your apartment- nice tour : ) Loving the pics of Christmas decor in Jinan- love the display of the house and the dressed up pooch, the decorated trees and the trees and garland. The Gold candy tree looks so pretty too.
    Miss You
    Love n Hugs