Saturday, December 21, 2013

the most wonderful time of the year :)

The most wonderful time of the year...has flown by!

We don't have a winter/christmas break, but we get the 25th, 26th and Jan 1st off which is nice. (Even though we have to work Saturday to make up for the 26th...)

Here are some pictures of the holiday season in Jinan and the last few weeks teaching.

$120 for a fake fireplace--a little touch of home. Almost considered buying this

Cute gingerbread houses! They don't have kits anywhere--you have to buy pre made ones (no fun in that)

Last week the music/art teacher taught the kids Rock music--then they had to perform a song
Some of the kids got really into it! This group sang Maybelline--with broom guitars

Last week I gave a quiz and put this question on just for fun. Got some interesting answers...haha

Some more funny answers to Washington's two term precedent. (Maybe this is just a teacher thing--but some of the responses i get just make me laugh) 

On Thursday and Fridays I see one class for 90 minutes, so we did a "fun" activity. Speed "Friending"--i provided the kids with some pretty funny/unusual questions and they had two minutes to talk and interact with each other then had to switch. 

In this class the kids are pretty clicky--I think this helped them get to know and talk to a variety of students--also to help the quieter students gain some confidence!

Santa's house in the mall--

A real Santa has to just sit in there and get pictures taken of them (what a miserable job!)

For one of the activities for the kids' Christmas party tomorrow I had them send me baby pictures for a "guess who" game. Some were so cuteeeee! 

Spent my weekend crafting for the party 

Pretty decorations around Jinan!

Yesterday morning I was a part of my students' English play. 8:30 AM. Ouch

Now...time to plan my vacation! One month :D 

And go shopping to prepare my Christmas dinner...eek


  1. Katie - what will you have for Christmas dinner? Looks yummy! Enjoyed pictures of your class and downtown Jinan.

  2. I ended up just going out to dinner! A friend went to a potluck but I just didn't feel good enough to go and socialize (even though they had eggnog there !)

    What did you guys eat?