Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lots of Celebrations

The last week was a busy one full of WORK and spending time with friends.

I had a crazy stressful work week which also involved going out for ladies night, having turkish food and sheesh, and having a big going away dinner which led into going out and a terrible hangover, going out for indian food, and finally a little wedding celebration//team building trip to the beach!

It is so sad and hard to see some of my best friends leave shenzhen. i am almost relieved that i have such a short amount of time left because even though new people are coming, its really sad and really feels like something is missing at work.

Some pictures from the week/weekend:

Such a fun team building trip :) the beach we originally were heading to was closed until 5 because of the typhoon (even though the weather was gorgeous) so we had to go to another more crowded beach. We played some sand volleyball, watched some chinese people playing tug of war, and played frisbee. I had to go home with the early crew but they had a bbq on the private beach later. 

Indian dinner! Waqas and T (two of char's good friends) are from Pakistan and took us to a really good restaurant and helped us order.


Last night out with the whole group! We ended up going to this (pretty trashy) club

And I ended up getting into this pimps green Lamborghini was an experience! 

Char and our fav DJ! He didn't speak any english :( 

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  1. Looks like a fun day and at the beach- and a fun night out with your friends. Are any of the teachers that signed on with you staying in Shenzhen? I have never had Turkish food- I guess I will have to give that a try..... : )
    Love and Hugs