Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saying Goodbye//the official countdown!

Last week one of my coworkers and best friends and her roommate left china. They were here for a year and have been a huge part of my china experience. Things here aren't the same without them! Char will be coming back to work in Macau so i will see her in about a month.

We had a little goodbye breakfast at this English was SO cute! Im ready for a trip back to England...Euro trip anyone?

The group

Roasted tomatoes, eggs, REAL bacon, REAL sausage, baked beans and bread. Just missing some grilled mushrooms :) 

The married couple! In China as soon as people get married the first question people ask following congrats is when are you having a baby? We made them pose with a baby chair

A little wedding gift from the married couple-tradition in china is that you pay for everything and then give a little red envelope with some money in it

The group! Bye Char we will miss you so so much! xoxo

With that said, my contract ends July 31st, I have to move out of my house August 5th, and I have to be in Nanjing for training for my next job August 24th. SO SAD! My time in Shenzhen is coming to a close. EEK...not ready to say goodbye

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