Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dafen Art Village

Yesterday I finally went to check out the Dafen Art Village. Its 14 stops away by metro which took about an hour. 

The art village was amazing...I was awe struck walking through each shop. There are over 600 shops that sell paintings and replicas for really cheap. They can also do portraits or paint a picture for you by request. I took the cards of a few shops I liked and am hoping to make it back before I leave Shenzhen to get some pictures done. 

There are many scenic pictures of china but none were what i wanted (the great wall or shenzhen). I ended up buying an oil painting of flowers for about $10 (the woman started at 100 RMB but i only had 60 with me...my new bargaining method ha)

There were SO many paintings that i wanted to buy but many were very big and I'm not quite sure how i can get them home. I wish that I could bring my Grandma here she would LOVE it! 

If you are ever in Shenzhen this is definitely a must see! 

So many breathtaking pictures!

I think this is Da Vinci ? 

Shops on shops on shops

I saw a few people actually painting...this is the only guy that would let me take a picture. Most of the painters are trained at academies 

This was my favorite shop! 

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