Saturday, July 20, 2013


So Monday started summer courses at my school. Remember when normal teachers get a summer break? Not teachers working at a training school. Instead they get to work MORE because chinese students are extremely focused on their school work and are very competitive.

(I recently got to observe a public school class--with about 50 kids in each class I can understand a little better why students take so many private lessons--if a student falls behind or does not understand it is more difficult for the teacher to differentiate in such a large classroom for each students individual needs!)

I can't complain to much because i only will be working with my company for one more week and my weekly summer schedule isn't too bad...i don't start teaching until 2 everyday--but my weekends are still 9-6:30 which feels like such a long day. Also only having one day off a week really sucks and makes my one day off so much more valuable (especially when I have so much to do to get my apartment packed up and get my working visa for my next company).

Mondays and Thursdays I teach a 3 hour phonics course ages 6-9. The kids in this class are surprisingly well behaved (notice the girl to boy ratio). I also have realized I know NOTHING about phonics. Last week I learned long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds and magic "e". This is actually one of my favorite courses I have taught since being with my company. 

My other summer course is called Global Explorers. They do project work on a country every week--I let them pick the first week...China. They are ages 10-15 so its hard to plan activities that interest all of them

My babies...I teach them a new adjective every class (happy, sad, fine, surprised, excited...) this week they learned silly--im going to miss this age level the most!

I swear they have the TACKIEST accessories//clothing//stationary items//phone cases. 

Only one more week left! My life in between now and then is extremely hectic--ill update when i have a little more time. Don't know how id do it without such supportive coworkers and friends! 

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  1. One more week- the kids are so precious! 3 hours is a long class with young kids- keeping their focus and attention. Enjoy your last week- then off to an exciting new adventure!