Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gym Time!

After 11 months I have finally decided to join a gym. Im a pretty active person and usually try to run or walk outside everyday, but it is really hard to motivate myself somedays and the heat and humidity here is just too much!

The gym I joined is right across from my garden and about $50 for a month. Its like a hotel gym...there are 3 treadmills, 2 bikes, 2 ellipticals, some weight lifting machines and free weights. All of the equipment is pretty outdated and there is no way to clean machines after you are done using them.

I joined last Monday and have gone almost everyday this week. It is amazing how empty the gym is considering that thousands and thousands of people live in the 4 residences that belong to Le Parc (the club)

I also noticed that the people who do workout there dress up in fashionable workout clothes don't really workout!

The gym is on the third floor of a complex that includes an english training center, a spa, classrooms, a ping pong table area, a pool area and an organic store. I get a lot of attention when i run there because the gym is enclosed by glass windows. But it feels so nice to be on a treadmill again!

Not much else is new of my coworkers got married this weekend! We are going to the beach Tuesday to celebrate. Two of my best friends here are leaving this week so we are having a huge going away dinner tomorrow night. Work will not be the same without charlotte...I am relieved i have such a short amount of time left.

I am in AWE looking at the Blackhawk parade photos! It makes choosing a city to live in when i get back really easy. I miss chicago and all of my friends! and family of course!

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  1. How far do you run when you workout? I can run about 1/4 of a mile ...hehehe and then I have to stop cause I get a pain under my ribs. I like to swim- are there many pools to swim in there?
    One of the Bulls players-Joakim Noah- is in China for a charity event- is it in the news?
    The Blackhawks parade and event had 2 million people there- how fun, huh! If Dad was not golfing in Lake Geneva with 'the guys', he would have been downtown.......
    Love and Hugs!