Friday, June 7, 2013



Thursday was a CRAZY day! I had to get to the police station to get a new registration form (since my passport was stolen i need to get a new visa). This took about an hour and a half but i met a phillipino woman there who i chatted with the whole time--she also spoke chinese so she helped me communicate with the police! After that I had to head over to kodak to get pictures for the visa. To get from one place to the other I decided to use the bus system. 

This is a CHALLENGE because all of the stops are written in chinese and i don't know what the name of the stops are...I just know that I want to go West on Hongli Road. But after two buses I managed to get to China Post and then Kodak. 

Before I went to Kodak, I stopped by a China Post because I got this little slip on my desk on Tuesday to let me know the post office had my package: 

Yeah...decoding this was a pain. Even my local coworkers were telling me different things... but I searched on the computer (in english) where my coworkers thought the post office was at that had my package and found a place about a half a mile away from my school down the main road. I showed them my slip and she told me it wasn't here...that it was near Shuibao (A department store right by my school). 

So I headed back and stopped at every China post on the walk...after about 5 China Posts I was really discouraged and frustrated. I had to be into work by 1 for summer training so I had to give up. 

After training my private student cancelled so I asked all of my local coworkers to help me find the post station. It turns out it was on the street right behind our school. I headed over but got shut down because i didn't have my passport. I ran back to the school, grabbed my passport, and FINALLY got my package. (If only they could have just delivered it to my school! haha what a HASSEL!) 

The package had a beautiful handmade card (compliments of my mama--check out her "creative rumblings" 


American magazines! Those of you who know me know that i am OBSESSED with magazines. Sometimes the only thing that motivated me to go workout at the ARC was knowing they had a fantastic up-to-date stand of magazines. You can get them in Hong Kong but they are 10-12 USDs (YIKE)

and a book that i have heard is really good! 

The package also had butterfingers in it--none of my coworkers from Europe (or China) had ever tried a butterfingers before...those disappeared quickly! 

This was sent back in October but the same thing probably happened and i never got the little package! Thanks Mom!

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