Monday, June 17, 2013

The Little Things!

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I ordered a bunch of food from a delivery website that carries loads of imported food. A bit of a splurge but well worth it! I have to laugh a little at how excited i was about these items...things that i could easily get in the US on a day to day basis. Here you can get hummus and mac and cheese and brownies at western restaurants, but since they are expensive i don't eat out often.

Its hard to believe I've survived almost 10 months without hummus or pickles or a selection of diet sodas...somethings that i used to eat/drink DAILY. 

Its weird that i really don't care for laffy taffys, mac and cheese shapes, brownies, or reeses peanut butter cups that much, but since i haven't had them in so long they looked extremely appealing. 

Now i just got to find an oven to cook those brownies in! 

Happy Monday :)


  1. Mmmmm let us know how cooking those brownies goes : ) It looks like you are having a snack attack! I wonder what I would crave after many months of not having it....I am guessing chocolate would be at the top of the list!
    Love and Hugs

    1. Yupppp the brownies and mac and cheese are for a upcoming party! I had the reeses and laffy taffy last night...I think i miss the sugary candy like laffy taffy, sour patch kids, and swedish fish the most!

      Im going to try to make hummus today with the chickpeas, tahini, and olive oil! yumm!

    2. mmmmmmm What are the things you think the Chinese miss the most from home when they come to the USA? What do they have there that you cannot get here...and it will be interesting to look back and see if YOU miss anything you can get there when you get home : )