Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Next!

Teaching English in Shenzhen has been such an interesting//good experience as my first "real" job. While there are many aspects of the job that I am dissatisfied with, I have learned so much from teaching here and gotten a lot of good experience. Teaching English can be really frustrating because

1. I don't know or understand grammar that well. I just know what tense to use and when (I had to teach a class past perfect last week and it was a STRUGGLE).

2. The hours suckkkkk! (I teach until 9pm on Friday nights then come in and teach from 8:30-6:30 Saturday and Sunday) It can be really hard to meet people that live normal lives with normal weekends.

3. The school is a training center so it is centered around making money. Which can be frustrating when you are more concerned about your students and showing growth in their learning.

4. Showing flashcards and asking whatsssss this! differs dramatically from being able to have upper level conversations with students and build up the critical thinking ladder. (Although I am going to miss teaching my 4-5 year olds the most!)

I am overqualified for the position as well. This has motivated me to search and search for a job that would help me gain RELEVANT experience to my certification...teaching Social Studies! Jobs in Social Studies education are not easy to find right now.

When I was offered a position to teach American Studies in Northern China to 10th grade students at a Chinese public school, I had to jump at the opportunity. It is a perfect chance to gain experience and I would much rather live in China with access to travel all over Asia and China than to move to some town in the middle of no-where Ohio.

My last day at work will be July 31st. I am planning on traveling within China between jobs (when else will I be able to?!) and then will move to a smaller city that is in between Shanghai and Beijing (it's called Jinan). This will be a huge adjustment! And I know I will miss family and friends more than ever, but with Skype and email it's not hard to stay up to date with what is going on in their lives. Also I would be the happiest person if anyone would like to come visit China or would like to plan a vacation in Asia...Boracay? Thailand? :D:D

I have so many goals and things that i want to do in the next few years and I really think this decision will help me get to where I want to be eventually. Eek! Wish me luck!

With that said I only have a month in a half in Shenzhen! I am planning on spending time with the amazing friends that I have made here...and doing all the little things that I haven't gotten a chance to do around the city. I made a little bucket list on my wall...hopefully I will get a chance to do everything on it!

Before I head out for the night I have to post about this book that a friend here recommended to me and let me borrow: The Defining Decade. It is written by Meg Jay, a psychologist who specializes in the "twenty-something" years. I would highly recommend it to all has given me so much clarity on my life and how to get to the life that I envisioned for myself after graduating from Ohio State. 

Thanks to my family and friends for so much love and support! <3 <3 

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  1. You are on an amazing adventure my dear!!! I hope you will definitely get some of those bucket list items off of the wall- as completed !!! When you teach in public schools, they have budget constraints too- it is a numbers game all over - no matter what your job is....and you just hope you will work for a good administrator that knows how to make the budget work! I sure hope you will have some visitors- lets plan something in the Spring- somewhere in Europe maybe???
    Love and Hugs