Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Good morning America! Go Bears!

This is another steamed stuffed bun that I really like.

It is a vegetable and meat stuffed bun and the vegetable in it translates into "rape"

While on the topic of rape, in recent weeks there have been a few instances of university girls who have become victims of rape. This is pretty uncommon in China...one happened in the city I live in a week or so ago. As a result the police have issued some advice to young women.

Check out the list here--it is unbelievable...cartoons included.

The last one says the best way to avoid rape is to just be ugly. The insensitivity towards the issue is apparent in the comments "haha the last one is the best one!"

These are more practical tips issued from the Security Council of a different province.  They are a little elementary (I think we were educated on this when we were in 6th grade)

Number 5 is my favorite:

5. Never get inebriated in a place outside of your home. This is an iron rule for women because you will risk losing your morals, your etiquette, your indiscretion, your heart and even your virginity (!)

Ridiculous. Yes women should be cautious when they drink and people do make more bad choices when they are drunk, but being drunk does not make it ok to victimize someone, to take advantage of someone or to rape them.

This is the story of the girl who was raped in Jinan.

It is pretty eye opening to see the difference between the two cultures and how they address the issue of rape.


  1. OMG that cartoon list is ridiculous and very bloody!

    1. Isn't it unbelievable? Could you EVER imagine this being published in America?

  2. Pretty wild- be safe beautiful! What a terrible story!