Friday, September 19, 2014

Chinese Breakfast

You can find street food everywhere in China, which most people take advantage of on their way to work in the morning or on their lunch break. 


One of my favorite foods to eat for either breakfast or lunch is a steamed stuffed bun (bao zi). There are many different options of stuffed buns--egg, tofu, meat--and of course vegetables (everything in China generally comes with vegetables). 

My favorite is mushroom and meat (I think it is pork), cabbage and meat, or another vegetable with meat called "you cai"--which translates to "rape". I didn't realize rape was a vegetable ;) 

Breakfast complete with instant coffee! (I think I'm becoming addicted to the sugar in these packets) 
My entire meal total cost...50 cents. 
(Since I don't get paid until next month, I have been trying to live on about $5 per day---eek!) 


  1. bao zi looks so yummy and you can't beat the price (as I'm sipping on my $4.50 Starbucks drink....)

  2. I love the steamed buns- my favorite find in China : ) Hugs!