Friday, November 28, 2014

Street Food Galore

Street Food

If you walk along small road or alleyway (sometimes even busy roads) in China you will find a wide variety of street food. My favorite street food is sweet potatoes or steamed stuffed buns. If you go for a casual walk in the evening here are some of the street food you might find: 

A stand of fermented or pickled vegetables 

Here you pick what vegetables, meat and spices you want stir fried together--quick and convenient


Yup that is a chicken...

Bagged milk

Pancakes (egg and fried bread) 

I think this is tofu--it is cooked in boiling water then the guy adds some spices and sauce to it

The typical seating for street food--really uncomfortable little benches. In China you do not leave tips, so service is not an important part of the dining experience. Also this way people won't sit around for a long time after they eat--they will leave their table to someone else. 

This is an egg pancake with some kind of ham (mystery meat), lettuce and fried bread in it. Some people call this a "burrito" but nothing about it resembles a burrito except the way it looks. 

Chinese BBQ--you pick the skewers you want then they BBQ it and put on some spices (cumin, salt..) that are amazing

A variety of fruit

Here you pick the skewers you want (a variety of vegetables in the back, tofu on the left, and then meat in the front) and then the guy below cuts them and puts them in a bowl with a little bit of flavoring--its kind of like a Chinese salad. 

Besides sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and steamed stuffed buns I'm still a little afraid of trying the other street food. Mainly because of the unsafe food standards and the desire to make a profit 
(there is a common problem with vendors using old food or recycled oil to make more money)

While many people travel by car, many people travel by motorbike or various other kinds of small vehicles. If you're walking around during rush hour you have to be careful because motorbikes share the same space as pedestrians do. 

Also people honk to tell people they are behind them (it's seen as a way of communication) so it is noisy and people honk like crazy. 

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