Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the LARGE class size of my senior 1 students (sophomores) I decided they should experience one of the most important traditions of Thanksgiving--the food! 

On Wednesday/Thursday both of my classes had a small feast--I made stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and mini pumpkin pies. 

I was a lottttt of work--everything was made from scratch. Unfortunately turkeys are very hard to find here (plus there is no way I'd be able to cook one in my little convention oven). 

Most foods here are not cooked with butter, so some of the students found the food way too rich. Some also told me it made them feel like crap afterwards.

Living here has really forced me to reflect on how unhealthy American food is--even though Chinese food is swimming in oil, it consists of mostly vegetables and a little meat (no additives). Most meals include some grain (rice or steamed bread). It's rare to see obese people and I cannot think of an instance that I felt gross or bloated after eating. 

Overall it was kind of nice to spend Thanksgiving cooking and fun to share it with my students...but I really miss my family and friends. 

There are many things I really enjoy about living here--I have a good job where I can really develop and gain experience as a teacher, the students are great (I just wish they would communicate with me more), I am saving so much money, I have had so many opportunities to travel and explore the culture, and have met many new people...

but the biggest thing is the loneliness. Although i distract myself going out with people on the weekends and skyping or face timing it isn't the same. The casual come-and-go relationships will never give me the same feeling or comfort as my family and friends at home.

Thinking about how thankful I am for all of you today--and booking my ticket back to America for my holiday break! 


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