Friday, November 7, 2014


Halloween in China! 

As an international program, of course we have to have a Halloween Party. 

This consists of the students dressing up and taking pictures of each other for 2 hours. 

Since we have so many Senior 1 (sophomore students) we made the party in 2 rooms and tried to organize activities. We had a costume "scavenger hunt" the limbo and a wannabe dance party (if only we could have gotten a strobe light...) Chinese students are much more inhibited and don't really just dance--they like choreographed dances. 

Its pretty hard to find costumes here next to the big chain superstores like Tesco, Walmart or Carrefour--most students order them online

The pollution and fog arrives in Jinan for Halloween...spooky

Mall decorations 

My favorite costume 

 This year Halloween seemed to be catching on more than last year. Many people carved pumpkins (although the pumpkins here are not nearly as big as in the US) and there was actually a lot going on in terms of parties on Halloween. There was also a haunted house--but it was through a Japanese company (who apparently have a very erie sense of "scariness") so I passed on that one. 

I had class the period before the party started and had such a hard time keeping their attention--the girls were all putting on fake eyelashes and doing their makeup 

Since they wear uniforms and girls generally do not wear makeup this is their opportunity to pamper themselves and go all out. 

Overall--successful Halloween :D

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  1. Looks like a blast- I think this party was so much better than last year- the costumes are fabulous. The smog looks bad. Loving the Halloween castle : ) Your cat costume is awesome. Hugs and love.