Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Christmas and the Start of 2015

People always say "how you spend new years reflects how your year will be". I certainly hope that is not true! After Steph left and I returned to work, I was EXHAUSTED. We got a day off for Christmas so I had planned to go to a friend's on the 24th but passed out right after school.

Sidenote--My favorite thing about the Christmas holiday season in China is the decorations--they go up SO quick and they are always a bit over the top.

The main shopping center near my school put an Eiffel tower up for Christmas...they are obsessed with the Eiffel tower!

Christmas tree in Beijing

Fabulous Diamond covered Christmas tree 

They have mini cats just like this in every store--they are a symbol of good luck 

My Christmas Tree

This year the students didn't have a formal Christmas party, so on the 26th we had a lunch time celebration--Doug sang a few Carols for the Senior 1's. We also received some apples (a Chinese thing) and got gifts from the principal. (water bottles, laundry detergent, socks...the usual) 

It doesn't feel like Christmas without baking cookies--thanks mom :D

Doug singing, students taking pictures and video recording

That weekend I slept literally the whole weekend. We got three days off for New Years (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) so I just had to make it through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My Chinese co workers suggested lots of Chinese medicine to help my fever and cough. I tried them all...

You add this to hot water and drink it like a tea--it tastes like sugar--I think I became addicted to the sugary taste. 

I think that's supposed to say "Quick"?

I became a little obsessed with this stuff. I guess they have different ones for different purposes--this one is for a fever

You add these to tea to help with sore throats. They blow up like a sponge and make the tea taste repulsive. 

On New Years my fever was high so I went to the hospital (they don't do the whole doctor thing here). They took my temperature and then put me in a room and put an IV in my for FIVE hours! The benefits of socialist health care--very cheap! The downside--main goal: efficiency--not comfort.

Conclusion--While Chinese medicine may be cheaper and better for my body...I prefer taking Western meds that work quickly (a five hour IV v. 3 IB profens and water...)

I rewarded myself with some seasonal Starbucks (sophistication in a cup!)... :D luckily my mom sent me a fab gift so my weeks of sleeping and feeling like death were spent reading some good books.

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