Monday, October 27, 2014

Work Work Work

Last week I had my senior 1s (Sophomores) research about a city in America or Canada and create a pamphlet. 

This was the first time they have ever done group work and presented it in this way so it was a long, guided process. 

Many of them had a long night the night before...but I think they learned the importance of not procrastinating and working together as a group, which are foreign to the Chinese curriculum/ education system here

With so many students, they work really hard to stand out or have a competitive edge

This one was about Chicago--they told me that Latin is one of the most important languages there and the football team, the Chicago Cubs is pretty good...hmmm

Where is this research coming from? 

Right now, many of our senior 3 students are cramming this week to get their early admission or decision applications and essays in. 

Last week we played 5 Senior students in soccer at lunch--it was really fun since sports and the sense of "community" between senior 1, 2 and 3 students is rare. The kids beat us 5 to 1 (it was kind of a joke) and were shocked that I played and actually know how to play soccer. (Afterwards I wasn't able to move for a few days) 

Friday is our Halloween Party! Still not sure what I will be...hmmm

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  1. The presentations look like a fun event- where others go around and you see what others have created. Oh, don't we all speak in Latin here? hehehe The soccer game sounds like a blast! What position did you play?