Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bouncing back from an awful week!

Last Wednesday marked the end of our National Holiday--we came back to work and had to work Saturday as a result of the extra days added to our holiday. (WOMP)

When I arrived home from my wonderful week traveling...

1. My laundry machine would not hook up to my faucet in my sink (dirty clothes piled up)

2. My sink got clogged

3. My toilet is leaking sewage

4. My priority mail still had not arrived (SOS need medicine!)

5. And on top of computer (my life) crashed on Thursday

After work Thursday I literally could not think of anything that would make my day better that was within reach...I couldn't vent to my mom or friends, the pollution was too bad to go running, I couldn't cuddle with my puppy or go walk around target/barnes n noble, I have no money to go shopping...

I have never felt so defeated--it was an all time low for me in China....the solution--wine. and ryan gosling ;)

A few days before this happened my hair stylist in Beijing texted me she would be out of town for the next month, so I booked train tickets to and from Beijing to get my hair done on Sunday--the only day off this week.

Below is the picture of the huge shopping center near my hair salon

This ended up being a blessing because right next to the salon is one of the few legit Apple stores in China. After my hair appointment, I went in to see what they could do. They were out of reservations for the day, but when I told them I was leaving at 4:30 they took my computer and looked at it right away. They quickly targeted the problem and said they could fix it in an hour.

One more apple care had expired 10 days ago so it would cost $300 for the part and service. However when I came back to pick up my computer, they said since I had never used my apple care over the last three years, my repair today would be free.

EEK--such a successful day! Everything worked out--the only problem I'm still dealing with is my toilet (woof)

The iPhone 6 will come to stores October 14th in China (finally)

There were a ton of security people in the store

And then tons of people right outside selling iPhone 6s

At the railway station I treated myself to a McDonalds ice cream cone (it was pink I couldn't resist)

The pink was Jasmine flavor--ew...not a fan

Some more pics around Beijing--(mainly people watching)

The murse--not unusual to see, but usually it's a small side-satchel. or if its a full out purse there is a woman in sight. (I really like his taste tho--very stylish, bravo) 

The voice in the metro station says over and over again to keep to the right--i wish i could say 
"get out of the wayyyyy!"

Old people playing ping pong--they were amazing

A sign in a bathroom
(nice to see this in China finally!) 

Haha and another sign...

A cat chillin in a fruit/vegetable market (is anyone else grossed out by this?)

This man fell into the crowded subway exhausted and just took a seat on the ground

A few days ago--the blood moon

Heres to a new week! (and payday) xoxoxo

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  1. SOunds like a crazy few days- hope it all smooths out and your life gets back to 'normal' Awesome on the Apple care- yippee!