Friday, August 29, 2014

The squatter

As a person who is accustomed to Western toilets and who only squats when camping in the woods...there is nothing worse than walking into a restroom and finding this. Talk about a leg workout. And if you're wearing pants---yikes. 

However...I guess when you think about it, it really is more "primal" and sanitary (as long as the floor area is cleaned...if not be careful where you step) to simply squat. Chinese people find Western public toilets disgusting, sometimes opting to get up and step on them in squat position. 

As a result of the squatter toilet and nature of the Chinese people, it is not uncommon to see this:
Potty training at its finest. 
If you gotta go, just pull over and squat somewhere. 
If you're too young to know better or if you're inside, have your mom or dad hold you over the garbage. You name it, i've probably seen it. 

Oh yeah, another lovely thing about public is rare and in my mind represents a high class public place if the restroom provides toilet paper. 
(Upscale mall--definitely has toilet paper, Mcdonalds...definitely not)
This is because since there are SO many people. And sometimes people who are living below the "minimum wage" (which does not exist here, BTW) tend to go and take way more TP than needed. 
Result: provide your own. 

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  1. Yep- been what do you mean no people that do not get min wage...or you mean- there is no minimum wage???