Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Rest of Shanghai

Just a bit late...but here is the rest of my Shanghai trip! Probably one my favorite cities/places in a long time. I would definitely advise visiting at some point ;) 

I don't have any pictures of the night life because my phone died around 7 every night (i missed a picture of a shark tank--effing iPhone) still figuring out the iOS 7 operating system---if anyone knows how to fix the short battery life please let me know

The insanely crowded Jinan bus station

Shanghai train station--I probably won't travel during a national holiday again

Nanjing Road! Lots of shopping--it kind of reminded me of Bourbon street without the alcohol, strip clubs, or police on horses 

The French Concession was by far my favorite area--it reminded me of Lincoln Park in Chicago

They had a little shopping place full of artwork and random shops and food places

Such a cute date spot! 

The place where the first communist party was held (when in Shanghai--if you could imagine my hungover friends did not want to join me here--no offense friends if you're reading ha ;)

A museum that shows the city planning and future plans for Shanghai--on the top floor they had an interactive map of Shanghai over the next 5 years

Yuyuan Gardens! This place was so crowded it was insane

The Shanghai Museum
I heard this is a MUST see so i made my friends go check it out with me. 
we waited in line outside for about an hour
And then went inside to find a lot of art work and some coins
Chinese people are so talented

A pottery village back in the ancient times

And finally...i only booked my train ticket 2 days in advance and the cheapest option was first class--if i had my passport it would have been cheaper to fly. it was extremely comfortable though--definitely worth the experience :D

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