Wednesday, October 16, 2013

just checking in

I really can't think of anything to title this because not much has been going on. I live a much quieter lifestyle here which isn't a bad thing--i'm kind of scared by how much i enjoy it.

Yesterday was payday so naturally i did a little shopping after work today (retail therapy :D) 

My students are great--it is amazing how active and engaged they get in some of the lessons because it is like NOTHING they are used to and also their (for some of them) english level is still developing. There are students who really are not following because of the language barrier-- I've done a few activities where i can really see some kids do not follow at all. So many different challenges than in the US. 

Ive been putting a lot of time into my teaching methods and grading student work because there isn't much going on here but I'm challenging myself to go out more and meet people. 

last weekend we only had one day off because of the holiday--i spent it grading papers haha

stalking puppies! they sell little dog coats everywhere, I'm a little excited to see them all snuggled up for winter

Something you'll only see in china

My new favorite lunch/dinner--it kind of reminds me of the giant eagle salad bar, but much much different

A friend actually sent this to me--its one of his chinese friends dogs. Instant happiness right there

This weekend i will "hang out"with this Chinese guy i met a few weeks ago. i think he thinks its a date haha i guess well see. He works at the bank near my school and likes American sports so we get along pretty well. He texts me non stop though which gets a little annoying but at the same time its nice to have someone to talk to.

He told me he has nightmares every night about not getting a promotion--which gets awarded to one person every two months but there are many political reasons why people get them

I think it shows the culture here a little, how focused on money and their job they are and the competition in the workforce (but of course i could be wrong.) He sent me a picture of fake paper money that they much practice counting out--he said that american bankers are FAR too slow at counting out money (haha)

He told me he just wants to move out west to Colorado and live on the river and wear cowboy boots (hello american media) thats his idea of a carefree life

Anyways maybe ill have more to update you guys about after this weekend

(Did i mention its FREEZING here already?)


  1. How cold is it there Katie? Love the picture of the dog- and your friends dog- too funny! What did you buy when you went shopping? Is that lemons in water? Juice? I cannot tell what that is...... Hahaha I think the idea of an Asian man in cowboy boots is pretty funny! Does he play tennis?
    Love and Hugs

  2. I got some clothes--Im going to need a lot more warm clothing! That is eggs in a bag! And my chinese friend does play tennis--hes quite a character. xoxoxo

  3. Send him out to Moab next summer we will see if he is cut out to be a river guy

  4. Haha he's not. Ill have to show him your pictures and see what he thinks of his "relaxing life" that he wants out west