Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Year!

I cannot believe i have been in China for an entire year! Tying up lose ends at work with my paycheck, my visa, and moving out of our apartment were NOT fun. People don't "cheat" you here but they definitely try to take advantage of the communication barrier ignorance.

Anyways it is such a relief to be done with work and i am ready to be on my own and go explore china.

Last night we had a little going away dinner and it is crazy how much i will miss everyone! I was at a table with most of our local staff and my best friend here, another foreigner. We were laughing at how chinese we have become and how quickly we adjusted to so many of the cultural ways here.

Irregardless there are still many things i will never adjust to and so many things daily that make me laugh

Men in China always carries their woman's purse
My foreign coworkers do this too--except when their family/brother is in town haha


This guy was carrying a purse but no women were around...hmmm

I have almost been ran over while walking on the sidewalk way to many times. 

Dumplings dumplings and more dumplings

chinese people use gloves when they eat messy western food...jose can't eat pizza without them anymore haha

Its all about reputation and "face" in China

Completely normal to have a blowdryer in a womans bathroom at a bar

Chinese people can sleep anywhere--this man is in the metro he's prob a migrant worker and enjoying the AC

This mans sleeping on a construction site on top of metal poles

The warning signs or be careful signs are so graphic haha

Everyone has black hair and black eyes in china...seeing someone who looks so different is really really rare. Pink hair really?

And some unusual Shenzhen propaganda signs...

"you are a shenzhener once you come here"

"the rose's in her hand the flower in mine"

"fulfilling the cultural rights of citizens" yup. that breakdancing picture exactly. 

"in shenzhen be represented for its reading crazy" 

While I'm traveling ill hopefully be able to post--lots of pictures from my last few days here. Off to Changsha!

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