Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to Real Life

Yesterday I left Shenzhen for my new company's orientation. I flew out at 10:50 in the morning and was supposed to land in Nanjing at 12:55.

The day was pretty disastrous from the start. My taxi driver didn't know where he was going, I barely made my flight, someone dropped luggage on my foot....

As our flight was preparing to land in Nanjing, they made an announcement that there was bad weather so we would land in Shanghai. After landing we sat in the airplane for about an hour. Then we got off and sat in a terminal for another hour. Then we got back on the plane and sat for another 2 hours. Finally around 7:30PM we took off for Nanjing.

At least the airport food was pretty good? I made it to Nanjing and took an unmarked taxi with this man and his wife and made it to my hotel.

Lunch...ginger chicken 

When kids travel alone they wear these yellow bibs and have tags that say "special customer" 

Since I couldn't really understand what was going on I just stayed near these kids


These guys and the guy to my right were playing some intense computer games. I recognized them from ones that my brother played--maybe mind craft? 

And dinner...veggies, rice, and fish. I was so hungry I just picked out the fish. 

Training starts tomorrow so today I am going to just walk around and check out the city...heres to the next chapter in my life!

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