Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Day/Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! The best part about this holiday is that it falls on a Friday, so we do not have to rearrange our work schedule (if a holiday falls during the week, which many do because they follow the lunar calendar our work schedule is arranged so we have 3 days off in a row then work Saturday/Sunday).

I thought about traveling somewhere, but figured I would just take the day off to relax, apply for jobs and get some things done. Traveling during holidays can be a pain because there are SO many people everywhere. Running errands around Jinan was a little miserable.

At lunchtime at the local mall I witnessed a bunch of people (all sporting fashionable cowboy hats) and a number of policemen standing outside Haagen-Dazs. I think they were laborers and Haagen-Dazs had some deal where they got free ice cream (about $10--or 6 meals in Chinese money)

Happy Labor Day!

Near another mall there was a huge motorcycle and sport bike/4 wheeler exhibition

The matching family! I see this all the time and it is WAY worse than the matching church family because it is usually tacky T-shirts (as opposed to nice dress up clothes) Still working on getting a better picture. 

The little guy is all ready for a new motorcycle

Spotted: a man catching a shady nap (Chinese people can sleep anywhere!) 

Also noted--people actually noticed I was taking a picture and walked around me. Something that rarely happens here in China. 

Luxury cars and jewelry--hmmm the Chinese symbols of true love (money money money) ;D read my post about Chinese marriages for more info

And finally--I made the poor decision to walk down a popular food street and it was crowded and miserable. I was hoping to grab a bus home but they were all so crowded I ended up making the 2 mile walk home. 

Hope the rest of the world (besides America) enjoyed their Labor Day <3

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