Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy May :)

It has been forever! Here is my life from the past few weeks in pictures…

Last week was midterms…my AP human geography students took a mock AP exam---which meant that I had to grade all their essays. hours on hours of grading (which  made me wonder how much AP readers get paid…id rather gauge my eyes out) 

This is a shopping mall in Beijing. It was the first time where I have seen big name designers like Michael Kohrs and Kate Spade. I went in to check on the Michael Kohrs watch I had been eyeing at Nordstroms…literally two times the price. ouch. 

The Chinese Dream…fast rail trains? traveling?  

Everyone else was taking pictures…

The first non smoking sign in public that I have seen in China!

My students had sports week…here is a picture of them doing their synchronized dance

There was also a talent show--here are the two MCs

One of my students playing the electric piano (not sure why he did the whole elf hat look)

Dr. Jerry with his acapella kids doing free bird

acapella kids and a beat-boxer

boy band


dance routine 

Reeses have made it to Chinese walmart!

the guy checking out in front of me went a little crazy on the chicken feet

a south american buffet…lots of meat

easter in china! 

Korean food

Japanese food (complete with animal crackers)

Since today is Labor Day we have today, tomorrow and Saturday off…then return to school on Sunday for a six day week. 

The students will take AP exams over the next two weeks--which means my course will be done and my class load will be much lighter. Which means ill have many more opportunities to TRAVEL! 

In the meantime…applying to jobs in America and debating wether I will stay in China for another school year. 

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