Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Strech! Hong Kong and Shenzhen (my favorite Chinese city!)

We made it back to Hong Kong on Feb 6th around 2pm and checked into our hotel (which was pretty crappy for the price we paid) 

There were soooooooooo many Chinese people there checking in/out for the final days of New Years. (Actually it official ended today I believe but some people may have had to go back to work sooner) 

Exhausted, we went and just relaxed at Starbucks. We decided to have our "last supper" at Outback. YUM. 

This was a sign in our hotel--if you haven't heard of Durian google it--its not allowed to bring into some restaurants, schools, or hotels because of its smell

Ahhhhhh so good. 

My mom left the next day (I think she was ready to head back to America, my dad, and her normal routine) but it was so good to see her! 

I spent the day walking along the harbor (there is a walking/running path) the marathon in Hong Kong is tomorrow (2/16) so there were a lot of people out and about training. (Makes me miss running and being in shape!) 

The following day I set out to see the Big Buddha. My last two days in HK were plagued with bad weather. 

I had to take a picture of this outfit--a typical Saturday afternoon. In America if someone wore this you would assume they were just getting back from a night out, they work a street corner, or they were heading downtown for the night (maybe even a frat party) in HK/China this is acceptable Saturday casual wear. 

The cable car to see Giant Buddha

Once we got a little higher up, we didn't really get to enjoy the typical scenic views…

Not to mention it was SO COLD!

The cute little "town" on the island

The temple had beautiful landscaping 

It was so foggy out it took me a while to figure out where exactly the famous Giant Buddha was…

A little disappointing but still neat to see

Giving offerings to the Buddha

A random cow looking for food

The next day I just relaxed--I was going to go to Macau but the rain and cold weather stopped me--instead I did a lot of shopping and caught up on all my TV shows. 

I ate at this cute cafe--I had to take a picture of American icon gone Chinese…

And had to laugh at this--couples here are either all over each other (hugging, cuddling) or they are both on their cell phones and don't say a word to each other. 

Gloomy street view

This was extremely convenient--instead of paying in cash at 7-11's which are all over and in every metro stop you can simply use your Octopus/metro card 

In China all delivery is done by bike. Hong Kong--one step up--Motor Bike

Next I crossed the border into Shenzhen--When I crossed the border I realized I had a huge smile on my face--so happy to be back! 

Back in mainland China--no metro manners. This is at the busiest station. Instead of lining up on the side of the doors, people just stand right in front so people coming out have to dodge them. 

Dongmen--my favorite shopping street! (new glasses, cell phone case, and movies!)

The air in Shenzhen felt so clean (it reminded me when I was in Switzerland up in the Alps) 

Monday night I met friends for hot pot (I had been craving it)

Then the next day I did lunch with a friend, played badminton for the first time since being in China (its so much harder than it looks!) 

And then went to a fabulous Yunnan vegetarian restaurant. 

And spent the night at a friends house just catching up--it made me realize what inspirational and interesting people I have met while living in Shenzhen and how much I miss spending time with them!

The next day I ran errands all day

Coco Park by day!

And then went to Quiz night and Ladies night (per usual)
Our favorite DJ!

Miss these people so much! It was nice to see a lot of old friends but at the same time crazy how many people are in and out! Its a pretty transit city especially because many people teach English and have 1 year contracts. But still so many more foreigners and opportunities than many other cities in China. I miss life in Shenzhen! 

The next day I went to HK for the day to get highlights. It was an all day event. 2 hours to get in, 3 hours to do my hair, quick dinner in HK and then 2 more hours back. 

Many mainland Chinese people go into Hong Kong just to grocery shop and buy clothing/electronics. 

This is in the HK metro. You can see many suitcases--most filled with food, milk powder or clothing. Many people have their new apple electronics out

There is a serious fine (I think about $5000 HK dollars) if you bring more than x amount of milk powders in. A few years ago there was a serious food corruption case dealing with milk powder in mainland China so many people do not buy it in mainland. 

I picked up my luggage and checked into the Airport Hotel. I got in about 9:30--long day. 

I had to laugh about my "non-smoking" room (I did notice that in Shenzhen a lot less people smoke than in Jinan) (Also in Shenzhen many families consist of more than 1 child--either both of their parents were only 1 child so they can have 2 or they pay taxes for extra children) (In Jinan most families only have one child) 

My continental breakfast-- I was debating if this is more healthy or less healthy than an American continental breakfast (fried rice, tea egg, sweet potatoes, and a small bun)

And then made it to the Shenzhen airport, which was recently reconstructed and is probably the nicest airport i have been in in a long time. It is crazy how the quality of the airport gives off such a different perspective of the city. In the airport there were signs that said "Working towards making Shenzhen a world city" Making good progress 

Western magazines! Last "I'm on vacation" splurge! (about $13 USD eek) 

Back to work--eating healthy again--and being financially responsible :( 
Planning out my next vacation

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  1. Awesome end of your trip! Looks like a blast : ) Where do you think you will head to next time???