Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Doing everything at the last minute…EEK (finals tomorrow and Friday for my students!)

The pollution is less than 100 right now…going for a run outside! EEK

Christmas tree transformed into a Chinese New Year tree…(another upcoming holiday to be excited about!)

Ohio State versus Michigan State…EEK (they lost but its still early in the season! and ah…Aaron Craft <3)

Getting a cavity filled Friday morning in a place that CHARGES extra for numbing/pain killer…EEK

(did I mention its the first time seeing a new dentist--sorry Dr. Orland I'm cheating on you) (or that I absolutely hate hate hate hate the dentist--can you say major anxiety?)

Sorority sister and friend on the Bachelor…EEK!

2 days until I get to see the terra-cotta warriors in Xian…EEK!

2 days until I have to take an airplane…EEK (ANXIETY)

Less than two weeks until I see my mom and start our Bangkok/Angkor Watt/BEACH adventure….EEEKKKKK! :) :)

I discovered a small little shopping area right near my house…

More Chinese New Year decorations: 
So many oreos

This year is year of the horse (their horoscope is yearly and not monthly)

Coolest beer display I've ever seen. Everytime i go to Tesco (which is daily) there is some adult playing this video game while their kid is wondering around

SERIOUSLY. The only air freshener flavors they have are flower scented. ALL OF THEM. Im so sick of old lady flower smells. 

I thought this one was outdoors or trees…but then i look closer and its my most HATED smell/taste

What in the world kind of vegetable is this? 

Bagged milk…only in china. 

To all in Chi/Cbus/Northeastern US be careful stay safe! (In my attempts to learn Celsius…its -24 in Wheaton--which is the coldest Celsius measure I've ever seen)

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