Monday, September 30, 2013

Beer Fest & Olympics


I'm too tired to write coherent paragraphs so Ill just upload my pictures from the last few days and comment on them :)

Beautiful sunset on the main road

cute little area behind the main mall--lots of cafes and coffee shops

Carrefour! my saving grace--love this supermarket

Beer Festival

This really drunk chinese guy was hazing my coworkers ;)

I finally met some other foreign people in Jinan--so beer festival was a success

REally drunk chinese guy got everyone up and dancing--too funny

and my coworker is singing in chinese

some live music after beer festival

Today at school the whole school did an olympic event--i thought it was a fun thing to do instead of having classes the last day before a week off.

the teachers had to run a relay so i had to partake--just a 100 so it wasn't too bad 

After work i did some shopping--everything is all decorated for national day!

I thought these shopping posters were hilarious...basically the signs say during the week long holiday this mall will be having sales

Off to shanghai tomorrow evening! :D 

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